Helping startups in Hawaii set sail.
Supporting entrepreneurship & innovation in the islands

Nalukai [nah-loo-kai]

"Seaweathered. One who has weathered the storms of life."

Nalukai is a Big Island based non-profit, supporting entrepreneurship & innovation in Hawaii.

Welcome to Nalukai.

We're building a community in Hawaii that goes beyond desk space and drives growth and innovation. Our team brings experience with managing, participating in and mentoring the top startup accelerators in the world (Y Combinator, TechStars, 500Startups). We believe in a strong peer network and have seen first-hand how it helps to create a generous, supportive community where everybody is welcome and where great collaborations happen.
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  • Access to seed funding.
  • Expert mentor network.
  • Management team trackrecord.
  • Local support in Hawaii.

Our team.

Darius 'Bubs' Monsef
Managing Partner
Founder & CEO CreativeMarket
Y Combinator Alumni

Don Kosak
Managing Partner
Former CTO, Lycos
Startup Advisor

Spencer Jackson
Managing Partner
Tech/IP Lawyer
Start X Board Member

Nalukai programs...

We're continuing to develop resources to help founders in Hawaii. As a startup ourselves, we're working on our MVP to help startups get launched in the Islands.